Home Weather Station

If you are a weather enthusiast and are seeking the best home weather station on the market, look no further. Our home weather station selection features cutting edge technology and dependable craftmanship. If you are shopping around for a home weather station, please take a look at the selection offered on our site.

Wireless Weather Station And Self-Setting Clock

Wireless Home Weather Station And Self-Setting Clock

Automatically sets itselt to the U. S. Atomic clock, self adjusts for daylight savings timeWireless indoor/outdoor temperature sensorCrescendo alarm with snooze functionWall mount or desktop display optionRemote sensor has up to 100 ft. Transmission rangeIlluminated with HiGloTM electro-luminescent backlight1 sensor included: THGR122N

Home Weather Monitoring System

Home Weather Station Monitoring System

Professional meteorological system keeps up-to-the-second data on temperature, wind speed, rainfall, barometric pressure, and more.

Wireless Talking Weather Station

Wireless Talking Home Weather Station

Crescendo alarm with snooze function Remote sensors have up to 325 feet transmission range Illuminated with HiGlo TM electro-luminescent backlight 3 levels of pressure trend indicators: Rising, Steady, or Falling 12 to 24 hour weather forecasts with graphical icons Ultraviolet measurement available with optional ultraviolet sensor Moon phase indicator User selectable auto-announcement of the time, temperature, humidity, & weather forecast data Monitors and dislplays temperature and humidity in 2 seperate locations (comes standard with 1 sensor: RTGR328NA) 5-Channel capability to monitor temperature and humidity in up to 5 locations,li Automatically sets itself to the U. S. Atomic Clock



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